Scrum and CMMI — Capability Maturity Model Integration

Daniele Davi'
3 min readJul 11, 2022

How the Scrum framework fit in the and CMMI?

Projects combining Agile mindset, practices and methods with Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) are more successful in producing higher quality software compared to project in non Agile organisations that implement CMMI only.

Systematic Software Engineering works at CMMI level 5 and uses lean Software Development as a driver for optimising software processes. Early pilot projects at Systematic showed productivity on Scrum teams almost twice that of traditional teams. Other projects demonstrating a story based test driven approach to software development reduced defects found during final test by 40%.

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Scrum and CMMI together bring a more powerful combination of adaptability and predictability than either one alone and suggest how other companies can combine them.

Level 0 — Incomplete
At this stage work “may or may not get completed.” Goals have not been established at this point and processes are only partly formed or do not meet the organizational needs.

Level 1 — Initial
Processes are viewed as unpredictable and reactive. At this stage, “work gets completed but it’s often delayed and over budget.” This is the worst stage a business can find itself in — an unpredictable environment that increases risk and inefficiency.

Level 2 — Repeatable
There’s a level of project management achieved. Projects are “planned, performed, measured and controlled” at this level, but there are still a lot of issues to address.

At this level the following capabilities are in place:

— software configuration management
— software quality assurance
— software project tracking and oversight — software project planning
— requirements management

Level 3 — Defined

At this stage, organizations are more proactive than reactive. There’s a set of “organization-wide standards” to “provide guidance across projects, programs and portfolios.” Businesses understand their shortcomings, how to address them and what the goal is for…

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