“MEET the meeting model: Art and science of meeting successfully” has been listed among best tools to master agile competencies

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3 min readFeb 24, 2023

I am humbled, honoured and proud to see that my book “MEET the meeting model: Art and science of meeting successfully — Leaders’ toolkit for successful meetings” has been listed among the top useful learning resources for agile coaches.

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Mimicking the Agile Competency Framework developed by Lyssa Adkins and Michael Spayd the collection of resources, books, podcasts, videos is divided into different sectors. One of these attain to organisation and team facilitation. Whilst I see that the book has been listed among the best facilitating resources, the content of the book it is pertinent to many Agile mastery areas.

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The book could have been listed under the segment “Agile & Lean” as it has different chapters and even appendix dedicated to agile framework and meetings, scrum events, facilitating roles, and other typical agile concepts such time-boxing, waste awareness and removal, artefacts to be produced, transparency, inspection, adaptability, feedback loop and so on so forth.

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Due to the content of its 4 parts and 33 chapters the book could have been rightfully positioned under “Mindset & behaviours” or “People & Influence” or “Coaching” given that provide any reader principles, tools, practices, behaviours and mindset that support building the habit of being successful one meeting at the time. One collaborative interaction at the time.

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The book could have probably be inserted under the “Transformation Mastery ” list, given that one of the core elements of the MEET meeting model is in fact the “transformative” and “transformational” properties that meetings need to have to be “successful”.

For whatever section or reason you decide to read it, this book is a great companion for any aspirant agile and team coach.

After reading this book, you will be more conscious of how you are spending your precious time. Using the MEET (Motivational, Effective, Efficient, Transformational) meeting model, you will have tools to improve the quality of your time and your life before, during and after meetings. Use time well when alone, when meeting with others, in private, in the workplace, during social gatherings or business events and achieve your goals.

You can read more about this book in my previous article: MEET the meeting model .

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