MEET the meeting model

Daniele Davi'
3 min readFeb 6

In this article I am going to present my latest book: “MEET the meeting model: Art and science of meeting successfully — Leaders’ toolkit for successful meetings” a book that will change your life and the way you are used to see the most used (and sometimes hated) way to collaborate: meetings!

MEET the meeting model: Art and science of meeting successfully

How can a book about effective and efficient meetings be life changing?

If you spend a considerable part of your life in meetings and they are unsatisfactory or frustrating, that will impact the quality of your time. Every day. Every time.

Time is money. Time is limited. Time is the most expensive currency and it can’t be traded. Time is your life passing by.

Most of the time meetings are unnecessary or boring. One big issue in current workplaces is that most of the people are not trained to organize successful meetings. Another big issue is that most attendees do not know
how to approach a meeting and how to participate to produce a valuable output. Meetings are broken and no one seems to know why or how to fix them.
In a fully connected and remote VUCA world, meetings are just increasing. One of the most common complaints in teams and organizations independently from their size, industry, geography is that “there are too many meetings”. Cutting down the number of meetings is a needed short-term solution but not enough.
Even cutting 80% of the meetings, the remaining 20% could still be ineffective, inefficient, uninteresting, useless without a shift of paradigm.
Learning how to improve the quality of collaborative moments is more sustainable and pays better in the long-term. The MEET model for successful meetings, defined and explained in this book, provides the needed shift of paradigm and a wide range of tools, principles, and techniques to organize and attend meetings achieving more results in less time.

What you will learn from this book?

After reading this book, you will be more conscious of how you are spending your precious time. Using the MEET (Motivational, Effective, Efficient, Transformational) meeting model, you will have tools to improve the quality of your time and your life before…

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