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A chemistry coaching call is an initial conversation between a coach and a potential client, during which they assess whether they are a good fit for working together. The purpose of the call is two-fold. On one side the coach explains to the prospect coachee the nature of the coaching relationship, the process involved in the partnership and the difference with other professions. On the other side coach and coachee assess the client’s needs and expectations considering also the background and skills of the coach.

During the chemistry coaching call, the coach will typically begin by asking the client about their goals and what they hope to achieve through coaching. The coach may also ask about the client’s background, experiences, and challenges, in order to gain a better understanding of their situation and needs. The client will have an opportunity to ask the coach questions and learn more about their approach and tools.

The chemistry coaching call is an important and powerful step in the coaching process, as it helps to ensure that the coach and client understand each other and are comfortable to start the journey. A good chemistry between the coach and client is essential for the success of the coaching relationship, as it helps to create a safe, supportive and collaborative environment in which the client can make progress toward their goals.

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The chemistry coaching call is also an opportunity for the coach and client to establish trust and rapport. Trust is an essential component of the coaching relationship, as it allows the client to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, feelings, and challenges with the coach. Establishing trust during the chemistry coaching call can help to set the stage for a successful coaching relationship.

During the chemistry call the initial terms of the relationship are also agreed, such as availability, fees, non disclosure agreements, place, time and duration of the session, delivery methods (in person or online), contacts, payment methods and any other practical aspect.

Overall, the chemistry coaching call is an important step in the coaching process, as it helps to ensure that the coach and client are compatible enough for working together. By having an initial conversation to assess their goals, needs, and expectations, the coach and client can determine whether they are well-suited to work together, and can establish the trust and rapport necessary for a successful coaching relationship.

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